Eventbrite - Global Climate Strategy LaunchWe need all hands on deck.

On the day of the UN Climate Summit, Sept. 23, 2014, Citizens’ Climate Lobby will be releasing a fully annotated Global Strategy Whitepaper, and launching its effort to pull together a coalition of stakeholders, thought-leaders, businesses, nonprofits and governments, to achieve an economically efficient, value-building plan to price carbon and transition to climate-smart economic and investment policies.

  • Date: Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014
  • Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Location: Impact Hub NYC
  • Address: 394 Broadway, New York, NY
  • URL:

September 23 is the day we start building a borderless coalition of grassroots and institutional support, a coalition of the working, to achieve the best policy for real people and for our climate future.

Agenda for the Event:

  • Release Global Strategy whitepaper outlining path to effective climate solution.
  • Explain CCL model for coordinated grassroots policy advising.
  • Detail proposal to price carbon and build the economy.
  • Conference in viewers from around the world.
  • Launch effort to build borderless multi-sector coalition of support for carbon pricing solution at the Paris talks in 2015.
  • Begin building connections between participants, networks of supporters.

Speakers to include:

  • Dr. James Hansen, Director of Climate Science Awareness and Solutions program, Columbia University Earth Institute
  • Joseph Robertson, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Global Strategy Director
  • John Hansen, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Coalition Development Specialist
  • Other invited guests

Join us, to not just talk about solutions, but to directly engage in making a real climate solution possible. Reserve your seat at the table, by joining this event.

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The climate system is a complex of thermodynamic energy transfers, moving between the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Our local experience of weather—hot summers, breezy autumns, monsoon rains, tropical cyclones, droughts, floods, blizzards and mudslides—is an expression of the way climatic forces play out over time.

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[ The Note for August 2014 ]

Inaction to confront and reduce the risks of ongoing climate destabilization is bad fiscal policy. That is the message coming from the International Monetary Fund, the world’s leading fiscal rescue institution. The IMF deals with countries in default, or whose fiscal solvency is so delicate as to verge on catastrophe. In late 2013, one island nation saw 15% of annual GDP wiped out in 3 hours of unprecedented rain. Such sudden, unpredictable impacts make reliable fiscal policy planning impossible, because the value of any one dollar of spending or investment is so destabilized.

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The loss of Robin Williams leaves a great void. Of a few artists, it can be said they are both truly unique and also gifted with an ability to reach virtually any human being through their work. He was one of these. He had an unbelievable ability to make you pay attention, to watch him just be; he seemed to wear his thoughts like an aura of light and haze. He dazzled with life, and when he became quiet, he could break your heart with just a syllable, a word, a whisper.

When I heard Robin Williams had died, it hit me with a shocking amount of force. I was not ready for that, nor had I ever thought about what it would feel like. I realize now it had never occurred to me that this comic genius would leave us. Friedrich Nietzsche explained that the origin of comedy was in our fear of mortality. Because without the benefits of civilization we were once so vulnerable, surprise tends to carry with it a moment of terror. When the surprise comes, and nothing happens except curious quip, or something funny and unexpected unfolds before our eyes, someone is playing the clown, it unleashes a wave of sudden good feeling.

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A Clear Price Signal to Visualize the Optimal Energy Investment Shift

[The Note for July 2014]

The single most significant obstacle to moving major investment capital into clean energy is uncertainty about the future market value of doing so. Will such a move put a business at a competitive advantage or at a relative disadvantage, if everyone else is buying cheap fuel that fits seamlessly into the prevailing infrastructure? What has long been missing is a way to move market-dominant private-sector capital into clean alternatives. In a sense, the biggest challenge everyone is facing, when thinking about the future, is how to visualize the future itself, and how to trust that one’s visualization is reliable. The most cost-effective and practically efficient way to do this is with a clear, decisive price signal that allows market players to more clearly visualize an optimal investment-transition trajectory.

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Part 3: 7,200 Hours of Education for Principled Civics

With over 600 volunteers, spending between 8 and 16 hours learning, strategizing and coordinating, the 2014 Citizens’ Climate Lobby Conference provided roughly 7,200 total hours of education. That time empowers volunteers to do better work as citizens on Capitol Hill, but also delivers that training, through them, to our local groups, all across the United States.


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The debate about climate change has, for too long, operated on the false premise that some scientists think one way, and some, who are equally qualified and experienced, think the opposite. This has led a large number of people, though by no means a majority, to believe climate science is pure theory. The fact is: no single issue in the history of observational science has been so widely peer-reviewed, by so many experts in so many fields, nearly all of whom concur that the actual, ongoing changes in the Earth’s climate are the direct result of the unregulated dumping of unnatural amounts of heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere.

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Climate Security Roundtable at American Legion discusses nexus between energy, water, food & national security

JamesMontgomeryFlagg_WakeUpAmerica_1918_100Brigadier General Gerald Galloway (ret.) set the tone for the June 27 discussion, explaining that “climate change is a threat multiplier” and will shape the future operating environment. Resource scarcity, extreme events and the costs of coping with disasters, are driving an increase in the opportunities for chaos and instability to take root. Gen. Galloway was joined by Rod Clifton (American Legion Post 291 Sustainability Officer, San Leon, Texas), Brendon Gehrke (Senior Legislative Associate for the Veterans of Foreign Wars), as well as representatives of the Earth Policy Institute and Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

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Part 2: Connecting with the Team


On Friday evening and through Saturday, I had the great good fortune to spend quality time with our committed and tireless staff. A relatively small group of people working extraordinary hours with energy the origins of which are hard to trace, all to make sure this work of getting citizens to Capitol Hill can be accomplished. Sorting through handouts, filling folders, making name tags, coordinating the calendar of events, and facing the merciless but vital chore of getting volunteers’ schedules for Hill meetings worked out, so we can maximize our impact, were the work of those last hours.

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