The Time is Now, an Action Plan for Global Emissions Reduction

One thought on “The Time is Now, an Action Plan for Global Emissions Reduction”

  1. CARBON FEE AND DIVIDEND: TO SPUR JOB CREATION, INDUSTRIAL BOOMThe logic of a carbon fee and dividend model is that it rescues ordinary consumers, and our wider civilization —which is dependent on a relatively stable global climate system— from the unwise, backward-thinking model of the least cooperative profit-making businesses. A fee is applied at the source of any carbon-based combustible fuel, per ton of CO2 emissions potential from that fuel, and 100% of the revenues are returned to households, to cope with the penalty the affected industries will attempt to pass on to consumers.Most households will see no net rise in their energy costs, and the monthly dividend check they receive will effectively insulate them against price hikes. Because the fee steadily increases over time, consumers will soon see a marked economic benefit in buying cheaper non-carbon-emitting renewable fuels, and industry and investors will follow with their money and infrastructure.The fee and dividend approach will spur major new investments in carbon-free renewable energy sources and the development of a smart energy infrastructure designed to optimize the output and efficiency of an electric vehicle transport economy based on clean energy resources. Entrepreneurs and investors will come flying off the sidelines to support the most significant public-private investment in infrastructure in more than half a century.

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