The Hot Spring Network: Connecting Idea People to Fashion a Better Future


The Hot Spring Network ( is a project of Casavaria Publishing, aiming to connect ‘idea people’ across the world. You can use The Hot Spring Network to connect with friends or to seek out people in your field or in a field of interest, to post links or share ideas, publish your own blog posts or share research, media or information generally.


The Hot Spring Network is linked to the publication The Hot Spring (, which aims to produce meaningful analysis of bold new ideas in paradigm-shift fields of research, including media hyper-convergence, advanced ecology, economics, food supply, human health, crisis policy, cutting-edge publishing technologies.


We aim to not only function as a social network across disciplines, borders and interests, but also to formulate a revolutionary new kind of intellectual property preserve. Working from the philosophy of the Creative Commons —which allows creative people to share their work through flexible licensing choices—, we hope to establish a new standard whereby great ideas can be pooled into one productive research base in which all material contributors will share a part.


Check our ‘Rights‘ page periodically for updates on the progress of this project and information about how you can use The Hot Spring Network to distribute your ideas, pool your work with that of others and work toward forging the solutions we all need in order to shape a better future.

For now, feel free to message, blog and share links, expand your connections on the Network, invite friends, join groups and discussions, and help us turn The Hot Spring Network into a vibrant community of information and debate. If you have any questions or would like provide input about how you think the site and its service could be improved, please contact us at or message the Network Director here.

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