ClimateTalks Roundtable: GOOD Economics in a Destabilized Climate

The roundtable and lecture series, at Villanova University, continued on Nov. 26, 2012, with an event focusing on GOOD Economics in a Destabilized Climate. (This event—originally scheduled for Nov. 1—had been postponed, due to the region-wide impact of Superstorm Sandy.)

Dr. Maghan Keita, PhD, director of Villanova’s Institute for Global and Interdisciplinary Studies, will be giving a talk on Reconstituting the Common Good.

Harriet Shugarman, also known as the “Climate Mama” and a trained Climate Reality presenter, will discuss the nature of the climate crisis and how it affects her, as a mother and a citizen.

Joseph Robertson, chair of Villanova’s PESC Subcommittee for Operations and Energy Use, will discuss G.O.O.D.-based economic thinking, outlined in the Sept. edition of the HotSpring Quarterly.

This ClimateTalks roundtable can be viewed at:
(you may need the SilverLight browser plug-in to view the full MediaSite webcast video—it is a safe, free download from Microsoft, and your browser should prompt you to download if needed).

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Event co-sponsors:

  • Villanova College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Villanova Center for Peace & Justice Education
  • Villanova Institute for Global & Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Villanova’s Falvey Memorial Library
  • Villanova Department of Philosophy
  • Villanova Cultural Studies Program

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