To the Republican Party

On the occasion of Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s defeat…

This is the time for courage and independence. The message inherent in the primary victory of a challenger over Majority Leader Eric Cantor is not that the Republican Party as a whole needs to be more radical or work against cooperative solutions. What individual lawmakers need to do, to learn the lesson of this historic surprise—and this includes Dave Brat, should he win in November—is to stand up and be counted as principled independent thinkers, free of the constraints of hardened ideology or big money interests, and demonstrate that they will consistently act to achieve pragmatic solutions that serve, liberate and uplift their constituents.

One thought on “To the Republican Party

  1. I would like to thank Majority Leader Cantor for saying today in his notably gracious press conference that people in Congress, no matter their differences, need to work together to “find common ground” and pass legislation that will work for the American people. It is precisely that spirit the American people most want to see from his colleagues on both sides of the aisle in the months ahead.

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