Citizens Climate Lobby: A Peaceful Army of Citizens Doing Good

It is my great privilege to be working for Citizens Climate Lobby. After four years volunteering with this tremendous family of committed, engaged citizens, all collaborating to ensure a safe, secure climate future, through genuine democratic process, this month I was hired as Strategic Coordinator. I don’t think it would be possible to find a more rewarding and inspired group of people to work with on a day to day basis, and the work itself allows me the blessed experience of using my abilities to help others to be the constructive future-builders they long to be.

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Living the Paradigm Shift


On Friday, October 11, 2013, I had the privilege of organizing and participating in Citizens Climate Lobby’s first hosted panel at the World Bank Civil Society Forum. We were there to deliver the message of CCL’s humanizing and consequential work, and the particular mode of stakeholder-centered carbon pricing legislation that is most likely to allow us to solve the climate crisis.
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Stakeholder-Centered Carbon Pricing to Solve the Climate Crisis


On Friday, October 11, 2013, Citizens Climate Lobby will present a panel at the World Bank / IMF Civil Society Forum, titled Stakeholder-Centered Carbon Pricing to Solve the Climate Crisis. Participants include:

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Report from the Field: 370 CCL Volunteers Transforming Our Politics

372 Citizens Climate Lobby volunteers gather on the steps of the Senate, the morning of June 25, the first day of a week of lobbying on Capitol Hill.

In 2009, three activists went to Washington, DC, to make contact with government, to discuss doing something in the interest of the public good and the nation’s long-term survival. The idea: deal with climate, protect our future. How to do it: organize citizen volunteers from across the country to communicate directly with their elected officials; cultivate values like knowledge, honesty and respect, and build relationships that help shift the political winds.

In 2010, Citizens Climate Lobby brought 25 people from across the US together for three days in June, to meet make 54 visits to Congressional offices in both chambers, in both parties. In 2011, 82 volunteers reached over 140 offices. In 2012, 180 volunteers reached more than 300 offices, and last week, 372 CCL volunteers, including some from Canada, met with more than 439 offices of the United States Congress, as well as the IMF and World Bank.

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Mission to the Moon


I am blessed to know and be a part of the inspiring and devoted community of people that is Citizens Climate Lobby. Today, I set out for the fourth year in a row of gathering citizen volunteers from across North America, with the aim of building non-partisan political will for action to harmonize our relationship with nature, by correcting the failed market price for carbon-based fuels and letting the American people motivate the transition to a truth-telling all-clean energy economy.

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We know how to solve the climate crisis

While vested interests push risky schemes like the Keystone XL pipeline, which will gravely exacerbate the climate destabilization we already face, global human industry has now pushed atmospheric CO2 concentrations to 400 ppm, 50% above the norm for almost all of the history of our species.

We need to change course and organize our relationship to Earth’s life support systems more intelligently. We not only know how to do set in motion this global transition; we know how to do it affordably, with no cost to taxpayers, no expansion of government, and a vast expansion of private capital investment in middle-class job creation and new technologies.

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Answers for Crafting a National Carbon Pricing Plan

There is a new bicameral Carbon Fee coalition in the House and Senate. The coalition is led by Rep. Waxman, Sen. Whitehouse, Rep. Blumenauer, Sen. Schatz & their respective staff, and they are asking for public comment. Here are the four questions upon which the legislators are seeking particular guidance: What is the appropriate price … Continue reading Answers for Crafting a National Carbon Pricing Plan