Resilience Intel: Post-Summit Working Dialogue

MEDIA RELEASE Resilience Intel effort will identify climate action money across the whole economy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — 14 December 2017, 16:30 GMT+1 (Paris time) Yesterday, in follow-up to the One Planet Summit, the Kingdom of Morocco, Citizens’ Climate Education, the International Centre for Dialogue and Peacebuilding, and the Geoversiv Foundation co-convened a Working Dialogue … Continue reading Resilience Intel: Post-Summit Working Dialogue

Scaling up climate finance at all levels

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Bonn, 13 November 2017, 16:30 Today, the COP22 Presidency, Citizens’ Climate Education, and the Geoversiv Foundation introduced Resilience Intel: a first-of-its-kind Climate-Smart Finance Aggregator. The Aggregator will use a light-touch analysis to parse any investment or spending into good / bad / neutral and then add up all of the good, … Continue reading Scaling up climate finance at all levels

World Ocean Day event on the SS LILAC

Answering the Ocean’s Call: Stewardship of Our Ocean, Our Future is a World Ocean Day event on the historic SS LILAC. Speakers included: Mary Habstritt, LILAC Preservation Society Nina Hitchings, The River Project Myra Jackson, Geoversiv Senior Advisor for Whole Earth Civics Joseph Robertson, Geoversiv Founder and President (moderator) Mary Crowley, Ocean Voyages Institute and … Continue reading World Ocean Day event on the SS LILAC

Exploring Earth Systems

On Tuesday, May 9, the Norway House hosted a moderated discussion titled Exploring Earth Systems: the Geoversiv Approach to Smart Future-Building, with Don Shelby and Joseph Robertson. The event was held in the Norway House Galleri, where explorer David Thoreson‘s brilliant, moving photography exhibit ‘Over the Horizon’ was on display. Event details: Exploring Earth Systems … Continue reading Exploring Earth Systems

CCU Lesson: The Paris Agreement & Citizen-Led Climate Action

The following is the content of a Citizens’ Climate University lesson delivered Thursday, February 4, 2016, on the Paris Agreement, Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s organizing to support a strong outcome at COP21, the ongoing work of the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network, and how all of this translates into citizen policy action in the United States.

The lesson is broken into four sections:

  1. How the UNFCCC Process Works
  2. CCL’s Paris Ground Game
  3. How the Paris Agreement Mobilizes Action
  4. What does that mean for CCL and the US?

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Daniel Wordsworth: On Wonder & the Human Gift

Last night in Minneapolis, Daniel Wordsworth—President of the American Refugee Committee—reminded a packed house of 1,000 changemakers that while the attacks in Paris were an unspeakable act of inhuman violence, “We saw the people of Paris come together in a thousand acts of human kindness.”

He then told the story of asking spiritual leaders what it means to be human. A process of dialogue led to this inspired response:

First: Being a human is wondrous, but more than that, each person is a thing of wonder. Second: Each person has a unique gift, but more than that, it is in the giving of that gift to the world that we become fully human.

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Full Report from Minneapolis 2015

A new platform for citizen engagement in global negotiations—the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network—was announced at Minneapolis 2015: Climate Action, Last Stop Before Paris. The spirit of Minneapolis 2015 was laid out by former Minnesota Governor Al Quie, who said recently that action on climate requires: “Radical integrity, creative collaboration, and no excuses.” We will now work to ensure that those three standards embody the effort to give people around the world a voice in global negotiations.

During the two-day event, Citizens’ Climate Lobby and the Partnership for Change brought together a diverse range of thinkers and changemakers to explore and develop concrete strategies for accelerating climate action. On Sunday, October 25, more than 170 people participated in 18 dialogue sessions and 3 plenaries.

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Lima: World Bank / IMF Civil Society Session

For Better Accountability and Inclusiveness of the Bretton Woods Institutions: A Role for Civil Society Sponsor: Group of Lecce Panelists: Susanna Cafaro (The Group of Lecce); Sargon Nissan (Bretton Woods Project); Joseph Robertson (Citizens Climate Lobby); Moderator: Domenico Lombardi (Centre for International Governance Innovation); Final Remarks: Carlo Cottarelli (Italian Executive Director at IMF) The aim … Continue reading Lima: World Bank / IMF Civil Society Session

Savoring Collaborative Intelligence

Citizens’ Climate Lobby report from the Pathway to Paris working session at the World Bank Civil Society Forum

Our Pathway to Paris World Bank Working Session, held at the Civil Society Policy Forum on Wednesday, April 15, focused on the role of direct citizen participation in the global climate negotiations. For many reasons, direct citizen participation has been limited:

  1. One is there are already tens of thousands of people participating, representing interests, issues, places, solutions, grievances, and legal constructs.
  2. Another is that intergovernmental negotiations generally treat the interests of citizens and stakeholders as the province of their government officials. The sovereignty and political process of nations stand in for direct engagement.
  3. A third is that citizen participation is often equated to referenda, which are not always the best expression of the will of the people or the safest route to the policy that most benefits those voting.
  4. But a fourth, and perhaps most significant, is that we just don’t have a strong tradition of such engagement in multilateral negotiations.

Our working session produced powerful practical insights into the value of inclusive policy-making, stakeholder engagement, and outcomes that account for and embrace the complications of difference and variability. Continue reading “Savoring Collaborative Intelligence”