The Clean Trillion: Building a Smarter Energy Future

The consortium of major institutional investors known as CERES is promoting the idea of an economic surge related to the “Clean Trillion”—a projected annual capital investment threshold required to prevent a 2ºC rise in global average temperatures. CERES projects the world will need to invest an average of $1 trillion per year in clean power generation every year for the next 36 years to effectively put the brakes on global average temperature rise.

The core message is that this is not “added cost”; this is fresh investment and a major opportunity for a new wave of prosperity across the world, which institutional investors whose net worth is more than $75 trillion, can and should support.

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GOOD SENSE Energy Investment & Operational Leadership Sessions

(Five 2-hour Workshop Sessions) This five-part workshop series is designed to enable an operational framework upgrade, to help your university, institution or enterprise transition to an operational structure that lines up with and takes advantage of vast efficiencies built into nature’s way of using and distributing energy. GOOD and SENSE are acronyms describing two crucial innovations … Continue reading GOOD SENSE Energy Investment & Operational Leadership Sessions

8-point Plan for Fuel Free Sustainable Democracy

We can build a 100% fuel free full-spectrum sustainable democracy.

With 8 conceptually simple, and practically far-reaching framework upgrades, we can accelerate the pace of change and motivate a paradigm shift in the way we address climate destabilization, without any command-and-control or dubious financial wizardry:

  1. Full-spectrum sustainable communities (FSSC)
  2. Calculation of climate debt amassed to date
  3. Focus on speeding over the horizon tech to market
  4. Smart grid
  5. Solar highway infrastructure
  6. Maximum flexibility in clean fuel choice
  7. Grassroots-capacitative Fuel Free Media Network
  8. Citizen leadership on federal policy-making

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Ultra-efficient Solar Tech & the Ephemeral Future

Between 1927 and 1983, the architect and philosopher Buckminster Fuller wrote and spoke often about the logic of a cumulative and self-accelerating ephemeralization of the products of all encounters between human knowledge and technology. As Fuller explained in his book Critical Path, when Magellan’s crew completed the first maritime circumnavigation of the globe, the journey had … Continue reading Ultra-efficient Solar Tech & the Ephemeral Future