Winter Branches

Moving between years is oceanic, shuffling of consequences from reef to reef, building a math without numbers, a hope for survival that feels like certainty. While winter branches split the weather into ribbons of past and future, our presence becomes like prayer. We ask eternity to show itself without breaking what we know; we furnish … Continue reading Winter Branches


As the sun rises, we adjust to the idea that our election is now a season and not a day. It does not end at an hour or on a day, but exactly as it should: when every voice is heard. This year, the fabric of our social contract has been frayed by loss, confusion, … Continue reading Defiant

We try

“where the hummingbird, wherever there is a fuss,
just rises and floats away”

—Mary Oliver

To make the attempt
at something more
than the least and the longing
somehow to venture upward
into blue fine ethers
where wanting is not misfortune
where time does not steal
where happiness is an aching
and the shine of history
turns new and nubile
every morning by sunlight
spilling over sunlight
and without lament

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Gabriel García Márquez: The Gift of Vision

A light has gone out.

Gabriel García Márquez wielded incomparable influence over literature across the world, during his career. His development and mastery of what came to be known as magical realism helped to bring poetry into fiction in ways both blazing and subtle. And his ability to blend the hard facts of life in the human space with sometimes raucous fantasy provided a new way of illustrating the dangerous absurdity of the conventions that dictate much of what we live.

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Cifra y motor

Recuerdo, o quisiera recordar, como te fuiste con la inocencia volando a tu alrededor en trapos medio rotos y quemados por la duda. No viene claro. No se resuelve en la vitrina de mi añoranza. Ese momento no era momento, sino milenio comprimido, catedral andina y cómplice de no sé que actor indescifrable. Cifra y … Continue reading Cifra y motor