Mission to the Moon


I am blessed to know and be a part of the inspiring and devoted community of people that is Citizens Climate Lobby. Today, I set out for the fourth year in a row of gathering citizen volunteers from across North America, with the aim of building non-partisan political will for action to harmonize our relationship with nature, by correcting the failed market price for carbon-based fuels and letting the American people motivate the transition to a truth-telling all-clean energy economy.

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Free Our Energy Markets

The Note for June 2013


Climate change is a market failure—the most costly in world history. The failure of so-called “free markets” to accurately express the cost of carbon-emitting fuels in consumer prices has led to the accelerating destabilization of global climate patterns. That failure stems, in large part, from the fact that our energy markets are not free and open at all, but rigged to favor specific enterprises that deal in specific high-emitting fuels.

We can free our energy markets in a way that allows both conservative pro-business free market thinkers and also progressive pro-environment zero-carbon crusaders to come together and to vote for a brighter, more prosperous future. First we need to unrig the energy marketplace, and then we need to make sure we do so in a way that does not punish households and communities or impede their ability to transition into the new open market.

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8-point Plan for Fuel Free Sustainable Democracy

We can build a 100% fuel free full-spectrum sustainable democracy.

With 8 conceptually simple, and practically far-reaching framework upgrades, we can accelerate the pace of change and motivate a paradigm shift in the way we address climate destabilization, without any command-and-control or dubious financial wizardry:

  1. Full-spectrum sustainable communities (FSSC)
  2. Calculation of climate debt amassed to date
  3. Focus on speeding over the horizon tech to market
  4. Smart grid
  5. Solar highway infrastructure
  6. Maximum flexibility in clean fuel choice
  7. Grassroots-capacitative Fuel Free Media Network
  8. Citizen leadership on federal policy-making

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Ultra-efficient Solar Tech & the Ephemeral Future

Between 1927 and 1983, the architect and philosopher Buckminster Fuller wrote and spoke often about the logic of a cumulative and self-accelerating ephemeralization of the products of all encounters between human knowledge and technology. As Fuller explained in his book Critical Path, when Magellan’s crew completed the first maritime circumnavigation of the globe, the journey had … Continue reading Ultra-efficient Solar Tech & the Ephemeral Future

Tecnologías solares ultra-eficaces y el futuro efímero


Entre 1927 y 1983, el arquitecto y filósofo Buckminster Fuller escribió y pronunció una y otra vez sobre la lógica de efimeralización cumulativa y autoacelerante de los productos del encuentro entre el conocimiento y la tecnología humanos. Como explicó Fuller en su libro Critical Path, cuando el barco de Magallanes cumplió la primera circunnavegación del mundo, había tardado 2 años; cuando el primer barco de vapor lo hizo, tardó unos 2 meses, el primer avión 2 semanas, y la cápsula en órbita 2 días. Ahora, somos más ligeros y más veloces aún.

También se ve en la informática. Lo que era un disco “floppy” en el año 1990 no tiene nada que ver con lo que es ahora un micro-USB o micro-Flash, que por su volumen y tamaño es un millón de veces más ligero y eficaz en el uso de materiales y el almacenamiento de datos. La tecnología para cosechar, capturar y/o transferir la energía solar sigue una curva de autoacelerante efimeralización cumulativa semejante.

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Answers for Crafting a National Carbon Pricing Plan

There is a new bicameral Carbon Fee coalition in the House and Senate. The coalition is led by Rep. Waxman, Sen. Whitehouse, Rep. Blumenauer, Sen. Schatz & their respective staff, and they are asking for public comment. Here are the four questions upon which the legislators are seeking particular guidance: What is the appropriate price … Continue reading Answers for Crafting a National Carbon Pricing Plan

Building a Green Economy talk (video)

From the conference: Energy Security: Building Our Future in the Southern Tier. On Conservation, Efficiency & Renewables. Corning Community College November 12, 2011 Building a Green Economy: On the Economics of Carbon Pricing & the Transition to Clean, Renewable Fuels Joseph Robertson [ ‘Building a Green Economy Joseph Robertson’ from Shaleshock Media on Vimeo. ] … Continue reading Building a Green Economy talk (video)

Solving Climate to Save the Economy

A carbon fuel reimbursement—a carbon correction fee with 100% household return—is designed to span the entire marketplace, so that citizens, families and small businesses can drive change toward the systems that will create the most liberating, prosperous, sustainable future. This HaikuDeck slideshow details the basics. In short: Charge a fee to any entity that introduces … Continue reading Solving Climate to Save the Economy