Not All Politics is Opinion

in defense of the right to report one party’s misdeeds without including, comparing or degrading another party’s activities

Shortly after publishing yesterday’s lead story, referring to a speech by former US vice president Al Gore as a “non-partisan” event, I received a complaint from a Bush supporter, upset by the “partisan” nature of such a report. I took the complaint to heart, and examined the article and the context, in an effort to ensure that Sentido’s open, but principled news reporting not be categorized as having a political agenda.

What I believe is the underlying problem in this situation is that the reader who wrote the complaint simply believed that 1) anything Al Gore says must be classified as partisan, and 2) references to questions about the validity or legality of acts by a politician he supports must be classified as opinion, and so cannot stand as fact.

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Arctic Ice Melt will Soon Open North Pole Shipping

businesses & nations rally to locate & divide new resources

As ice melts across the arctic north, and the Arctic Ocean opens up in summer months, the mythic Northwest Passage is expected to open to regular shipping, and Russia’s Northern Sea Route is expected to rival it in global trade traffic, within a generation. It is also expected the Arctic Ocean will be completely without ice in warm months by the end of the 21st century.

Even as ecologists warn of the collapse of polar ecosystems and the extinction threat to polar bears and other species, and indigenous peoples fear the degradation of their traditional hunting grounds, infrastructure and ways of life, businesses and governments are planning to claim their share of the open ocean.

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Data Shadows & Improbable Consent

new trends in ‘compulsory voluntarism’ raise the spectre of ‘consenting’ to infringed liberties against one’s will

A contract is legally binding only when: all signatories freely and voluntarily agree to its provisions; all provisions are themselves legal; none of the provisions is inherently unreasonable or deceptively worded. Neither contracts nor “terms and conditions” including indemnities disclaimers, can be classified as legislation. They do not make or construct legal limits by themselves.

Obvious as this may seem, it is a necessary introduction to the problem of the trade in personal information and “soft surveillance”. Another vital piece of information is the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, which ensures “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects” and that such barriers cannot be breached except by judicial warrant, brought after providing evidence of “probable cause”.

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El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha, I (libro, editor)

He tenido el privilegio de poder editar este clásico para Casavaria, en honor del cuarto centenario de la publicación (en 1605) de la primera parte de El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha, de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Comprarlo en


“No te desespere… buen Caballero; lo heroico es abrirse a la gracia de los sucesos que nos sobrevengan, sin pretender forzarlos a venir.” — Miguel de Unamuno, Vida de Don Quijote y Sancho

El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha inició su carrera histórica con un éxito inmediato e internacional, y tras cuatro siglos de ávida lectura, traducción, ilustración y difusión, se ha convertido en uno de los libros fundamentales de la literatura universal moderna.

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Unjust Rendering: Reversing the Lie of an Obituary Defaming Derrida

A great and resonant thinker dies, and a great and resonant newspaper publishes an obituary dismissing his work as destructive and “abstruse”. It is an unjustifiable communicative travesty. When Jacques Derrida passed away, in October of this year, the New York Times wrote that his work was an attempt to undermine Western culture, despite his work being one of the most successful and persistent efforts of the last century to revive, clarify, enliven and apply Western thought to the problems of meaning, justice, creative work and political order.

The obituary was full of factual errors and infected with a hard-line bias against complex and rigorous thought. The facile and mistaken point of view that to distinguish between meaning and truth is to call for nihilist or morally bankrupt agendas in thought and politics… it failed to look at the work itself or the man himself and instead paraphrased poorly wrought critiques and conceptual gossip to try to discredit a monumental life of study in Western philosophy.

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The Silt Quarry : negotiations with silence


Tight sectarian interim
Waiting for news of successes of fortitude
Waiting for hope to make gains on quiet panic
An army of would-be critics is massing
Time is being distilled to its essence
Pressing compressing
Misery comes winnowing hindrance shimmering into view
Hunted by satirical improvements over small dominion
This world is a sketch tattooed into weakness
The dream is another chance at dreaming
But rest
First the perfect rest
A militant but unknowing rest
Anything untenable
Waiting for a break in the pulse
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Assumptions Snowball

he speaks one hopeful half-truth
because the whole truth is unknowable
or pregnant with peril
& she hears most but not all of the half-truth
because she too has filters erected
a discipline for “seeing rightly”
if not clearly
& they agree in part
& fail to agree elsewhere
& more than half of this process
remains concealed…

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Remota y nubarrón

“…y sus pensamientos se desbandaron en fuga, potros cerriles rebotando las ancas.”
— Ramón del Valle-Inclán

Presiento el papel que jugará la historia en el desarrollo de lo venidero. Presiento la música agridulce, terrible, improbable, que soltará el recuerdo tras derrota y renacimiento. Este respiro del momento, súbito, hondo y entero, parece consumir en un acto fundamental toda la extensión de mi experiencia. Queda un hueco en medio del calendario.

¿Dónde se ha grabado una década de alquiler de bellezas? ¿Dónde se esconderán la última amistad y el centro de nuestro comercio? Veo enrojecer los horizontes con el cárdeno hálito del grito, y con la melodía rosada. En un rincón de la tarde sin reglas tomamos una bebida común, un paisaje común, una decisión a medias, y nos desvanecimos. A la altura del estrépito de la amenaza, nos juntamos en una delincuencia singular, remota y nubarrón. ¿Te han apuntado al registro? ¿Te han permitido entrar en su escándalo?

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