Citizens’ Climate Lobby / Citizens’ Climate Education

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, made up of citizen volunteers. The organization was founded in San Diego, California, in 2007, and now has local chapters across the US and Canada, and on five other continents—Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific. CCL volunteers work to build political will for sustainable national climate policies.

CCL citizen volunteers lobby legislators, the press and the public, listening to all perspectives, building respectful working relationships, providing useful, factual information, and working to build a coalition of support for a transition to clean fuels. Joseph Robertson was a CCL volunteer from 2010 to 2014 and is now CCL’s Global Strategy Director.

The Geoversiv Foundation

The Geoversiv Foundation is a nonprofit charitable foundation, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Foundation exists to support and empower innovative projects oriented toward achieving social good, through promotion of:

  1. climate solutions,
  2. clean energy innovation and deployment,
  3. responsible enterprise,
  4. education,
  5. peacebuilding, and
  6. expansion of the civic space.

Two kinds of analysis—one focused on human-scale economic value, the other focused on climate action and its wider social good value—support this work:

The Foundation is the lead supporter of the ACCESS to GOOD Project—a partnership for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals—and is developing a roadmap to economic and civilization sustainability, with targeted Living Future Strategies.

Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network

The Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network ccen-logo-v3a is a new global framework to support and expand direct citizen and stakeholder engagement in the intergovernmental climate negotiating process. It is the main achievement of the Pathway to Paris project—which was developed by Citizens’ Climate Education with the support of Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers, in collaboration with the UN Millennium Campaign and the World We Want platform.

A Draft Governance Strategy was presented at the CCEN Foundational Meeting, on October 25, during the Minneapolis 2015 conference. The final Governance Strategy was adopted on December 2, in Paris, during the COP21 climate negotiations.

Throughout 2016, the CCEN will be building its Advisory Coalition, its Secretariat for Implementation, and a Global Team of local networks of leaders, stakeholders and collaborators. The mission for COP22 will be to build a global base of local knowledge, relating to the Paris Agreement, and to bring that local insight into the COP22 negotiations in a substantive and responsible way.

To join the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network, contribute to our policy Workstreams and/or start planning your own local working session, just go to and sign up. 

The Acceleration Dialogues

Accelerating Progress, Advancing Innovation, is a dialogue initiative co-convened by Partnership for Change and Citizens’ Climate Lobby. This series of high-level dialogues brings together select action-focused leaders to small work-oriented (Chatham House) discussions to challenge the limits of past thinking, call on personal and sectoral experiences and creativity, and outline accelerated pathways for effective action on climate and energy, following on from the Paris Agreement.

Learn more at

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition is a global policy design institution. The Coalition includes governments, intergovernmental agencies, businesses (including major oil companies and institutional investors) and nonprofits, who all agree the world needs to be pricing carbon fairly, effectively and efficiently, as soon as possible.

Learn more at

Futurismo Verde

Futurismo verde es un proyecto de la Hot Spring Network, dedicado al debate, la elucidación y el desarrollo de ideas nuevas sobre la tecnología verde, la ciencia ecológica y el estudio actual y global de la economía a base de la sostenibilidad medioambiental y climática. Es un foro dedicado al desarrollo de estas investigaciones y debates en español. is a publication designed to explore the ways in which disparate political factions might come together to find common ground and to forge a better future, by cooperating constructively or by putting the principle of service ahead of the perceived value of one’s own factional interests. It is inconceivable to radicals, conspirators and hardliners, that such constructive cooperation could come to exist, but we believe it is possible.

Lucid NYC

Lucid NYC is an event series bringing together cutting edge innovators, performers, and thinkers with New York City audiences. Each event is held within a social environment and is focused around three presentations of relevant and original projects, by their creators. Lucid NYC presenters come from many different disciplines, which results in diverse crowds and interdisciplinary discussion, with live music, interactive projects, and social networking with the smartest, sexiest, and coolest crowd in NY! – Click to go to the next Lucid

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