Inauguration Diary: a Politics of Inclusion & of Civic Intelligence (photo essay)

Millions of people are expected to gather on the National Mall, between the west face of the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial; security is expected to be without any known precedent, and temperatures are not likely to rise above freezing… should we go? Should we go, and if we do, should we go as citizens, or as journalists? If millions of people can brave the crowds, the security and the cold, to witness an historic moment of such sweeping resonance, then why can’t we?

I realized over the weekend that I wanted to attend this event as a citizen, as a person who believes in the values of true democracy, and who believes that, flawed as the system is, it can still be bent to the virtues of those willing to engage it with principle and decency, and in that way, can be used to make life better and freer, even for the least powerful. And it came back to me what it was to witness the 15,000 people who did just this to attend then Senator Barack Obama’s campaign announcment speech, on 10 February 2007, when the conventional wisdom said he could never win.

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Ripe for Change: What will this season of turning bring? (photos + essay)


Seasonal photography, by Café Sentido editor J.E. Robertson, a visual essay about a season of historic, urgent & uneasy change

A “wave election”, with public sentiment clearly moving in a new direction, calling for principled governance, with a new focus on progressive aims… economic crisis, having built up over a decade, hidden in the esoteric workings of financial instruments reliant on advanced physics for mathematical proof of viability, worsened by unprincipled exaggerations and manipulations… the potential for a major swing in global opinions about the meaning of political systems… the climate is ripe for change, and we now face the problem of conceptualizing change, in order to see and understand its implementation.

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Contraluz : un estudio en luz, sombra, forma y metáfora

Una colección de fotos, de ambiente, de textura, de la materia prima sensual de la vida de cada día, Contraluz explora el potencial de acercarse a los significados escondidos a través del proceso de mirar. Este libro es una antología de las obras fotográficas del autor Joseph Robertson, plasmadas en cálidos matices dúo-tonales, buscando el momento del gesto, el reflejo de la luz, la forma de las varias nadas que se juntan para hacer un tejido de pedagogía espiritual y complejidad animal, en el foro de lo cotidiano. La diversidad de la geografía, ante los procesos minúsculos de pasar de un instante a otro, de un mundo a otro, de un sueño a otro, convencido de que tiene que haber detrás algunas verdades incorruptas…


Dejeuner sur l’herbe : Hampstead Heath, London

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