The Poet’s Duty

by Pablo Neruda To all those who hear not the crashing of waves this Friday morning, who being bound to a home or office, factory or mineshaft, romance or roadway or dry prison cell: to them unspeaking and blind the poet attends, opening the door that has shut them in where endlessness can be heard…

We try

“where the hummingbird, wherever there is a fuss, just rises and floats away” —Mary Oliver To make the attempt at something more than the least and the longing somehow to venture upward into blue fine ethers where wanting is not misfortune where time does not steal where happiness is an aching and the shine of…

One morning, approaching winter

Absence has the flavor of meaning but not the force a quiet wind speaks a clear draught of unspoken frequencies reverberating in chambers and rivulets of undiluted soul the undeniable something with no name and no braking

Jaguar y cascada (libro)

Joseph Robertson 1ª edición: 23 marzo 2010 ISBN: 978-0982649107 Este libro, la tercera colección de poesías en castellano por Joseph Robertson, junta poemas tanto filosóficos como de amor con ensayos cortos y un cuento lírico. Es a la vez la obra más ambiciosa y más íntima del poeta, y marca un momento de cambio de…


You are like satin, spillingover every edge, wantonconsequential though seeming transienta bond hewn of azureindigo, and salt,a hint of the unknown& the beyondsifting through joys and hollowsat the first raw glint of morning…

Crossing a Distance

justice is a caravan of individuals their dreams shifting between confluence & conflict languages chosen or accidental crossing a distance immeasurable

Everything Shifted

“The boat’s slow progress through the night was like the passage of a coherent thought through the subconscious.” — Joseph Brodsky & you were with mestrong evanescent looming up from dreamplay with solid destination nesting sable in your gaze

Your Voice Alone

your voice alone in the humid sphere of competing midnights ancient unswerving clarion ready to unravel the monsoon or burn away its floods with a whisper

El abandono

contaminado el charco donde hallamos y ubicamos lo más sagrado de lo sagrado contaminado de intenciones de químicas y rumores de caballeresco follaje y la duda del más allá lo único que sabemos ya preguntarnos tiene que ser o por nuestra debilidad es ¿cuánto tardará en volver a ser puro como ansiamos?