Building a Green Economy talk (video)

From the conference: Energy Security: Building Our Future in the Southern Tier. On Conservation, Efficiency & Renewables. Corning Community College November 12, 2011 Building a Green Economy: On the Economics of Carbon Pricing & the Transition to Clean, Renewable Fuels Joseph Robertson [ ‘Building a Green Economy Joseph Robertson’ from Shaleshock Media on Vimeo. ] … Continue reading Building a Green Economy talk (video)

Climate, Energy & Ethics Roundtable (video + recap)

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we held the first of our series of Climate Talks, to explore with more depth and more detail some of the intricacies of the climate crisis, including social, philosophical and political, dynamics, and the way we frame our perception of global-scale phenomena. It was a construtive conversation, from four points of view, each of which was able to benefit from a kinship of interest, so that whether we were discussion environmental justice, political solidarity, economics and collaborative politics or Villanova’s ongoing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, there were ways to deepen and broaden our understanding of each facet of the problem from each of the different perspectives.

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‘Poesía en español: In their Own Words’, Villanova University [video]


Vídeo completo de la presentación de cuatro poetas, incluido yo, ya disponible a través de iTunes U. El vídeo dura 80 minutos y se descarga a la librería iTunes, después de que se haya seleccionado “Get Episode” al lado del título “Spanish Poetry”, en la lista de ítems disponsibles en iTunes U. [Más abajo, os dejo ‘Un breve reportaje desde el escenario’?]

Full-length video footage of my Villanova presentation with three other poets, is now available through iTunes U. The video is 80 minutes and will download to your iTunes library, after you select “Get Episode” next to the event titled “Spanish Poetry” on iTunes U.

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