Why We Love the Villanova Wildcats

Unselfish excellence & a commitment to always-active learning

The Historic 2016 Season

The Villanova University men’s basketball team not only won the 2016 NCAA National Championship; they did so with elegance, grace under pressure, and a deep commitment to quality ethical play. The easiest thing you can say about why the Villanova Wildcats are a fun team to watch is that they give you a riveting, energetic, and beautiful display of how the game is supposed to be played.

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Weathering: Climate Change & ‘Thick Time’

HYPATIA SYMPOSIUM Weathering: Climate Change and the ‘Thick Time’ of Transcorporeality by ASTRIDA NEIMANIS, RACHEL LOEWEN WALKER ASTRIDA NEIMANIS—Researcher, Gender Studies, TEMA Institute, Linköping University, Sweden RACHEL LOEWEN WALKER—Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Saskatchewan, Canada The following is an EXCERPT Click here to read the full article Browse the entire special issue here Introduction: Toward a … Continue reading Weathering: Climate Change & ‘Thick Time’

Deep Green Economy: Real-time sustainable social justice

DEEP GREEN ECONOMY Real-time Sustainable Social Justice January 26, 2012 We are moving through a period of global economic transition. The new economy will favor complexity over hierarchy, and work with ecosystems and civil society, to achieve a more harmonious relationship between individuals and their environment. There are certain key points that will define this … Continue reading Deep Green Economy: Real-time sustainable social justice

GreenNOVAtion: Connecting Green Thinkers at Villanova

The GreenNOVAtion community is a campus-wide secure social networking project, designed to bring together in one place all of the courses, campus groups, volunteer efforts, and scientific and scholarly undertakings, related to ecology, clean energy and the environment, at Villanova University. It began operation in May 2011, and will officially launch as a campus-wide project … Continue reading GreenNOVAtion: Connecting Green Thinkers at Villanova

The Space of Hope

Communication & the Human Bond 

On the Question of Hope

In September, 2008, the question of hope, of what it is and why we need it, was coming to political prominence, due to an election campaign and a collective demand for significant change in the direction of US policy, on a number of fronts. As a result, the very idea of hope came under political attack. Political operatives that sought to ridicule the idea of a “change candidate” who could bring hope to the American people sought to make it appear that hope was a soft virtue, a wishy-washy ethereal promise, something one seeks only if one has no intent to act.

It seemed to me this was both dishonest and also dangerous, because hope does not work like that at all, and because there had been a very responsible engagement with the topic, which held some promise in terms of waking a population that had not thought of being involved in shaping its own destiny. So, I sought to write something solid, something viable and lasting, about hope, about the nature of optimism and how closely linked the quality of imagination is to our ability to conceive of, work for and see through to completion, meaningful improvements to the human condition.

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Poesía en Villanova (antología del festival de poesía 2010)

Carlos Trujillo, Joseph Robertson (compiladores) 1ª edición: 25 marzo 2010 ISBN: 978-0877230861 En Villanova, cada noche de lunes, la palabra sencilla y poderosa emprende su vuelo sin encender motores y no para de revolotear, de elevarse y planear como gaviota luminosa sobre la noche siempre cálida de la hermandad poética reunida en la mesa del Taller … Continue reading Poesía en Villanova (antología del festival de poesía 2010)

Naufragios Vol. 1, No. 2: La experiencia como adivinanza


La experiencia es algo común a todos los seres vivientes, así como única e incomparable en cada iteración, cada momento, cada recepción o desvío. Es lo que buscamos o fingimos no buscar; es el motor primordial de nuestros pensamientos, y es lo que los pensamientos pretenden definir, modificar, superar. La política es el combate estratégico de las ideas en relación a la experiencia humana prevista, o en la justicia, intenta ser la corrección de la experiencia anti-humana.

En Naufragios creemos que la experiencia del autor es una búsqueda, una navegación por mares a veces turbulentos, a veces suculentos, a veces líricos, a veces incómodos. Creemos que el autor, sea poeta, cuentista o investigador, busca formular una nueva cartografía con cada excursión hacia lo desconocido. No es que el arte de la tinta (líquida o digital) tenga que ser vanguardista; es sólo que al hacer el arte de la tinta, el escritor dibuja nuevas representaciones del universo de la experiencia.

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Naufragios: nueva revista del taller literario Pinzón Nueve (Villanova Univ.)

El taller literario Pinzón Nueve, fundado hace 17 años por el gran poeta chileno Carlos Trujillo (chilote de Chiloé), hoy estrena el primer número de su nueva revista, Naufragios, en colaboración con el Departamento de Lenguas Modernas de Villanova University, en Pennsylvania, EE.UU. El proyecto es traer al público la obra del taller y el trabajo … Continue reading Naufragios: nueva revista del taller literario Pinzón Nueve (Villanova Univ.)