Joseph Robertson is Global Strategy Director for the non-partisan non-profit Citizens’ Climate Education. He represents CCE and Citizens’ Climate Lobby in the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, the UNFCCC negotiations and other UN processes, and is the lead strategist supporting the Acceleration Dialogues and the Resilience Intel climate-smart finance initiative.

Joseph is the founder and president of Geoversiv — a Minnesota-based non-profit foundation that supports innovations in the areas of climate and energy, responsible enterprise, education, peacebuilding and civics). He is the creator of Liberate Energy — a science-driven enterprise working to discover and deliver the critical ingredients of an integrated, decentralized clean energy economy, accessible to all people, everywhere.

Joseph is the author of the 2010 report Building a Green Economy: On the Economics of Carbon Pricing & the Transition to Clean, Renewable Fuels, and for 8 years translated the online Plan B Reports and Eco-Economy Updates from Lester Brown’s Earth Policy Institute into Spanish.

Through his independent publishing venture Casavaria, from 2001 to 2013, he published original authors, as well as a 400th anniversary edition of the first book of Don Quijote de La Mancha, and assisted a Barcelona-based publisher in restoring 250 Spanish-language classic texts to print. He also managed the bilingual political news magazine Café Sentido and the Hot Spring Network, a collaborative innovation platform.

As a student and faculty member at Villanova University, Joseph worked closely with Dr. Carlos Trujillo’s literary workshop Pinzón 9, from 1997 to 2014. He has published three collections of original poetry, all in Spanish: Breves penumbras, Otro posible desvío de lo esperado, and Jaguar y cascada.

Why ‘Poet Economist’?


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